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There are two names of bath and body goods philippines that Filipinos came accustomed with. These are Pond's Cream and Olay. Both brands are of two seperate companies, Unilever and Procter & Gamble. Though are separate brands belonging to two separate companies, its capabilities and employ as cosmetics are practically a similar, even though there are several differences using the outcome. So what would be the differences and similarities between those two popular bath and body goods philippines?

Pond's Cream
Pond's Cream is just about the many healthy skin care and skin care products marketed under Unilever, a multinational company that owns a lot of today's popular brands from foods to cosmetics. According to Unilever, Pond's Cream weren't always the sweetness product known today. In the past, Pond's Cream were known due to its healing effects for small cuts which had been then referred to as Pond's Extract.

Eventually this product grew from treatment to cosmetics. Some of its most in-demand brands were Pond's Vanishing Cream and Pond's Cold Cream which marked Pond's Cream's entrance into your facial care industry.

Today, Pond's Institute, a corporation dedicated to the innovation of Pond's Cream, have again unveiled its awesome product, the Pond's Age Miracle Cream. The Pond's Age Miracle Cream is mixture considered to be used for preventing the 7 telltale signs of aging. Other reviews have declared that Pond's Age Miracle Creams are less oily, understanding that women can also put on makeup while wearing the cream.

Olay (known until 1999 as Oil of Olay in South Africa and North America and Oil of Ulay in the United Kingdom) is really a Procter & Gamble brand, based upon facial moisturizer natural skin care products. Unlike Pond's Cream, Olay were generally known as a moisturizer. In the past, years, Olay has expanded in a range of other products grouped in "boutiques" including Complete, Total Effects, Professional, Regenerist, Quench (North America), White Radiance (Asia) and Olay Vitamins (USA).

Olay has extended its heritage being a moisturizer to remain looking young, to formally creating the "anti-aging" category in mass stores together with the launch of Total Effects in 1999, a product or service similar to Pond's Age Miracle Cream. The launch was almost double typical price of a store bought moisturizer right at that check here moment. Today, you'll find so many products in market higher priced than Olay, and that's why Olay became the most popular beauty items philippines. For more information trip to our site at

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